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”Deuterium Depleted Water and HydroHealth Advantage”

Deuterium is a rare type of hydrogen: Instead of just one proton in its nucleus, Deuterium also has an extra neutron, making it twice as big and twice as heavy.

It is important to know that Deuterium is not a toxin – it is naturally occurring and has a purpose. In nature, Deuterium helps things grow. However, having too much Deuterium in your cells can result in mitochondrial dysfunction and lead to premature aging, metabolic problems, and disease.

How Does Deuterium Contribute to Disease and Weakened Immune Responses?

When deuterium levels get too high, these heavy hydrogens increasingly take the place of regular hydrogens and wreak havoc inside your cells. These are two of the primary ways it affects your ability to get and stay healthy:

1. Energy production: when Deuterium takes the place of hydrogen inside your mitochondria, it breaks your delicate cellular “engines.” This damages your ability to produce the cellular energy our body relies on to fight disease, illness and to stay healthy.

2. Cellular structure and signaling: when Deuterium replaces hydrogen as a building block for DNA, body tissue, and organs, it can lead to abnormal cell growth and immune responses.

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Dr. Thomas Cowan and James Strole, June 2017

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Any DDW is a mix of distilled, purified, demineralized water and added minerals according to the EPA, and the FDA regulations on drinking water.

We try to add the minimum amount, and keep the TDS (total dissolved solids) down to 32-38 ppm (50 to 150 ppm is considered exceptional)

We, at HydroHealth DDW, we publish our Lab Reports on a regular basis, as a proof that our DDW has even lower deuterium levels. See the lab Reports, click on the image below:

The human body is made of 60% water, so understanding what “water” means it’s essential. Everyone knows that water is made of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. Hydrogen has a proton and an electron, and hydrogen isotopes also have a neutron. One of these two isotopes is Deuterium with a single neutron (2H2O).

There are also Protium with 0 neutrons and Tritium with 2 neutrons. Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen that weighs twice as much. Thus it’s called “heavy water.”The health benefits of “light drinking water” (Deuterium depleted water) are confirmed with researches and clinical tests conducted for over three decades.

Consumption of light water by volunteers in a volume of 1 liter a day promoted improved hemodynamics parameters that created conditions for physical working capacity growth. Cancer patients, stage III and IV drink 3-4 bottles (2 liters in total) of 25 ppm deuterium depleted water.

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In this third book, I describe the role that water plays in the development of cancer and how virtually all of the successful natural treatments for cancer positively interact with the water in our cells. Water, I argue, is the missing link in discovering a new biology of life. This understanding stands in contrast to the current state of affairs in which the dominant medical paradigm studies living systems according to the laws of Newtonian mechanics.
In “Cancer and the New Biology of Water,” I look at the modern history of cancer theory and therapeutics. I describe the initiation of the war on cancer, started by President Nixon in 1971, and how we were promised a cure for all cancer within a decade.

Instead, by 2004, 33 years later, a study commissioned by the Australian government found that the contribution made by chemotherapy to the survival of cancer patients across the board was 2.3%; in other words, almost nothing. The war on cancer has failed. Today, one in two people in the U.S. are expected to get a cancer diagnosis some time in their lives — this despite spending upwards of hundreds of billions of dollars on this never-ending war.

It didn’t have to be like this, and, hopefully, my new book will lay out in detail how and why we went wrong and what we can do instead, both for you personally and collectively for a new medical system. We need to get the word out that there is another way forward, with our health, with medicine, with our approach to food, the environment and the culture in general. That is why I am asking for your support.

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